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How reliable are online profiles?

When it comes to the reliability of information on the web one must take into consideration the source of information. However, ones purpose for seeking information may also determine which sources are sought. For example if I am looking for … Continue reading

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Censorship and Social Media

In the recent past we have heard how social media has been used to drive governments out in different parts of the world. Some governments censure social media to potentially prevent such fate. We employ some of the same censor … Continue reading

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Changing organizational culture

This week in my graduate class we discussed how web 2.0 tools can be integrated into the workplace, and how we can foster an environment that is welcome to change. Since I work in a regional educational institution, where making … Continue reading

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Just shoot it

I live in a rural community that is still leery of strange new things, where the first instinct to anything new and strange is to shoot it. This mentality has carried through to the school system as well when it … Continue reading

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